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Dennis Kennedy


In my role, I meet and work with many executives of large corporations worldwide. Many are serious about making an impact when it comes to diversity and inclusion. They have expressed this commitment in creating inclusive policies, hiring more diverse talent, and investing in initiatives and programs that help foster diversity and inclusion in their organizations. As such, today diversity and inclusion has become standard practice in most organizations, particularly for influential brands. However, to continue making an impact in the workplace, I believe we must inspire those influential brands to lead the way in normalizing diversity and inclusion practices in the corporate workplace.

As the United States becomes increasingly racially diverse and politically polarized, we must make diversity and inclusion a priority. Research already shows that organizations with diverse leadership outperform those that are less diverse. Companies are already experiencing the return on investment of their diversity and inclusion practices. Today, the task ahead is to encourage diverse and inclusive companies and their leaders to maintain the momentum necessary to create long-term systemic change.

Inclusive Brands have made the commitment to diversity and inclusion and are doing the hard work of establishing inclusive policies, initiatives, programs, and behavioral expectations, effectively creating culture change. For this, they deserve our recognition.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder and Chairman
Inclusive Brands

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